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Wednesday 21 June 2023

Far Out Furgone

It has been a fair while since we featured our old favourite Furgone di Piufiglio. For newer readers who may not be familiar with Furgone, he is sometimes called the 'Italian Van Morrison'. Admittedly there are some similarities but also some important differences, not the least of which is that Furgone's people don't pursue you vigorously when you feature his music on your blog. 

With today being the Summer Solstice for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere I thought this would be the perfect time to treat you all to Furgone's magnificent 15 minute mood-piece about the summertime in Italy. You can find it - and the second track - on his unjustly neglected 1980 album "Quello Comune".

"Estate In Italia" - Furgone di Piufiglio

"Miele Selvatico" - Furgone di Piufiglio

As great as the "Quello Comune" album is, it is not really chart fodder. So what was big in Italy in the summer of 1980? Two songs dominated the charts, each of which clocked up six weeks at Number One between mid-June and late September. Here they are. Rol may wish to add the second one to his Luna list.


  1. Van's people seem to have calmed down a little. Either that or CCM is too lower league for them.