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Friday 23 June 2023

The Mighty Mr Miller

Some old school reggae to see you into the weekend courtesy of the late great Jacob Miller. Back in the 1970s he was one of the biggest stars in Jamaica thanks to his parallel careers as a solo artist and as lead singer with Inner Circle. 

Inner Circle were preparing to support Bob Marley on a US tour in 1980 when Jacob died in a car crash aged only 27. He was already something special - who knows what he could have gone on to achieve.

Here are three stone cold classics he released in his own name. There are many more where they came from.

"Standing Firm" - Jacob Miller

"Tenement Yard" - Jacob Miller

"I've Got The Handle" - Jacob Miller

Jacob's Uncle Alfred emigrated to the UK when Jacob was just a lad. He had a musical son of his own - this fellow.


  1. I really must pay attention, I was thinking "isn't he the Tenement Yard bloke, why is that song not here"

  2. Standing firm/take five is on the flip side of some Inner Circle 12" which I cant locate at the moment but a bloody cracking number