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Friday 22 March 2013

German Giants

To mark the World Cup qualifying matches played tonight, we bring you a couple of tracks from "Glanzparade - Die Fußball- Klassiker", a 2002 compilation of German football related songs that I picked up for €1 at Gare-Midi in Brussels a couple of months back. No, really, I did.

I originally bought it for the vintage Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd "Der Bomber" Muller singles, which are fine in their own way. But the stand-out tracks are these two tributes to a couple of German legends. Has there every been a more desperate rhyme than "West Germany" and "sexy knees"?

"Rummenigge" - Alan & Denise

 "Böörti, Böörti Vogts" - Stefan Raab

Charity Chic and our other Scottish readers can cheer themselves up after their latest disappointment by singing along with Stefan Raab, and reminiscing about Berti's glorious reign as Scotland manager. And maybe go even further back and recall the last time the World Cup was held in South America.

That was Andy Cameron on 'Top of the Pops' in 1978. And you'll never guess which old favourite of ours appeared on the very same episode.

1 comment:

  1. Mickey Thomas claimed that this is the worst ever Scotland team (even worse than under Berti)
    After last night I may have to concur.
    If Elkie has a Scottish granny she is in with a shout of getting a game!