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Sunday 17 March 2013

Tiger Time

A few weeks ago, as a birthday present, Mister F very kindly gave me a copy of "Marvellous Boy", a compilation of vintage West African calypsoes (and, coincidentally, what my mother often calls me). I have not yet got round to listening to the whole thing but, of those I have heard, I am very taken with "Dick Tiger's Victory". This recounts the tale of the Nigerian boxer's victory over Gene Fullmer in 1962 to claim the world middeleweight crown.

So here it is along with some more tigers, including one of Mister F's favourite bands, Dschingis Khan, and their unique interpretation of the old William Blake classic.

"Dick Tiger's Victory" - Godwin Omahuwa & His Sound Makers

"Tiger, Tiger" - Dschingis Khan

"Tigers" - Rickie Lee Jones

"Tigers" - Mia Riddle

"The Feathered Tiger" - Kaleidoscope

"Hic Up" - Gregory Isaacs & Tiger

Sorry, Mud fans, but after a song about a boxer called Tiger there is only really one clip we can play.

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