Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tsonga on Sunday

As usual I must apologise for the gaps between Tsonga disco posts. My own supplies are running low, at least until my annual trip to Cape Town at Easter.

Fortunately, help is always at hand. A mate has recently given me a compilation of "pre-disco" Tsonga recordings featuring the likes of Daniel Shiranda and Thomas Chauke, which I am sure will be featuring here soon. And our old friend Mano in Mozambique continues to share his exceptional collection, compared to which mine pales into insignificance. Today's selections come courtesy of Mano. They are by Dikidana (or possibly Dikidane), about whom I know nothing at all.

"Sinjile" - Dikidana

"Xifo" - Dikidana

The video today comes from the Chi-lites. Even if you don't like the song - in which case you are clearly bonkers - you have to love the moves, the hair and the outfits. I have a shirt that colour but it doesn't look that good on me. Maybe it needs to be offset by a moustache to work.

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  1. I've always loved that song (but people still tell me I'm bonkers!)