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Monday 25 March 2013

Keep The Customers Satisfied

Tomorrow I'm off to Cape Town for a couple of weeks for the annual gathering of the Gogginses. While there I hope to track down some new Tsonga Disco to share with you all, but I can't make any promises. If you are in the Limpopo Province, or even Joburg, you can mine a pretty rich seam of Tsonga. In the Cape it is more a case of fracking the record shops and hoping something comes to light.

While I'm away I thought I would conduct a bit of market research. All good businesses try to have an understanding of what their customers are after, so here is your chance. When I get back I will mull over what you have had to say, ponder your constructive comments, take your insults on the chin, and then carry on playing the usual old rubbish.

We start with a couple of questions to help establish the general demographics of our readership. If you would rather remain anonymous, these are optional:

"What's Your Name?" - Don & Juan

"Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?" - The Barbarians

Next we have a question to check you are genuinely one of our listeners, and not just a prankster trying to skew the results. A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice:

"Are You Receiving Me?" - XTC

Or, alternatively, in the admittedly unlikely event your answer to Question 1 was "Lucky":

"Are You Listenin', Lucky?" - Joe Ely & Bill Hearne

Now we get to the main part of the survey. Please use the box down at the bottom to answer any or all of these questions as you see fit.

"What Do You Want?" - Adam Faith

"What Would You Do?" - The Besties

"What's Wrong With Me?" - Cindy Lee Berryhill

"What's Left To Do?" - Joe Simon

1 comment:

  1. 1- Charity Chic
    2 - Got my mother in a whirl ....
    3 - Loud and Clear
    4 n/a!
    5 - a win for Scotland would be nice
    6 - walk 500 miles
    7 -Where do I start
    8 - How long have you got

    I take it my M&S Vouchers are in the post for successfully completing this survey?