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Tuesday 5 March 2013


Over at Popdose, where the professionals hang out, they have a feature called the Friday Five. The nice Popdose man puts his iPod on shuffle, then lists the first five tracks that come up. Then everyone else piles in, all deluding themselves that their random selection makes them look much cooler than the rest. Which is really music blogging reduced to it's most fundamental elements.

So I was sitting on the bus coming home this evening, idly thinking of doing a post but with no idea of what it might be, when these three tracks came on in succession. The first features Baba Maraire of rappers Shabazz Palaces revisiting his Shona roots on an excellent album released last year. The next is from one of the biggest stars in Spanish and Catalan music, from a compilation of his hits of the late 60s and early 70s. And lastly we have some Polish psych-soul from 1968. The sound quality is a bit ropey on that one.

Sit back and enjoy the Tuesday Three.

"Mabasa" - Baba Maraire

"Señora" - Joan Manuel Serrat

"Plonaca Stodola" - Niemen i Akwarele

I scrolled on to number four for today's video clip. It was Richie Spice's "Groovin' My Girl". I can't find a video of the original, so here's a ragged, truncated but endearing acoustic version recorded for some cable channel in the Bronx a few years back.

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