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Friday 9 April 2010

Rockin' Robbie

Robbie Fulks has a reputation for being a piss-taking old bugger. So when he releases an album of Michael Jackson covers it is understandable that some reviewers assume it must be tongue in cheek. But I don't think it is. With a couple of exceptions it sounds like a pretty straight tribute to me (or as straight as he is capable of being).

The album in question is "Happy" and, as the "No Depression" review explains, it has finally been released roughly eight years after it was first promised. I have seen Robbie do a stomping live version of "Billy Jean" a couple of times, but I had no idea that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are a couple of favourites from the album:

"Farewell My Summer Love" - Robbie Fulks

"The Girl Is Mine" - Robbie Fulks & Nora O'Connor

As a bonus, here is Robbie with another duet cover version. This one is taken from a Webb Pierce tribute album called "Caught In The Webb" that came out in 2001.

"Tupelo County Jail" - Robbie Fulks & Joy Lynn White

Here is Webb himself with his daughter Debbie. The girl is his.

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