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Monday 7 June 2010

Biff Bang Pau!

You are a peculiar lot and I can't work you out. I put up some classy stuff like The Times or Ismael Isaac and you turn your noses up at it, but you work yourselves into a frenzy when I post some dodgy radio jingles for Coke and Pepsi.

So let's see what you make of this. It is some Catalan psych from a character called Pau Riba. Both are taken from his 1975 album "Electroccid Accid Alquimistic Xoc", for which no translation is necessary I imagine. Fans of Gong should like it but as for the rest of you, who knows.

According to his website, when put through the mangle known as Google Translate, in the same year as the album was released he performed at the first Canot Roc Festival - with hilarious consequences! "Accompanied by its own interpretation 'Spirits' and is a naked middle Vedettes has quedado immortalised in the film of the same name... Whoever signed shortly after 'The New Song' where film, both by the statements that makes the show as by that mount performs 'Girl porcelain dressed girl' etc, causes or Scandal". Just imagine what that must have been like.

Anyway, here he is:

"Lluna Estimada" - Pau Riba (1975)

"Cuatre Basses Blanc I Negre" - Pau Riba (1975)

And here is old Pau in concert in 2007.

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