Saturday, 30 July 2011

No Ordinary Joes

We haven't posted any soul on here for ages, and it is time to put that right. To kick things off, here are a couple of cracking performances each from two of my favourite singers, Joe Simon and Joe Tex.

"Before The Night Is Over" - Joe Simon

"To Lay Down Beside You" - Joe Simon

"I Believe I'm Gonna Make It" - Joe Tex

"We Can't Sit Down Now" - Joe Tex

And here are some gems from a few lesser spotted Joes.

"Baby If You Were Gone" - Joe Graves

"Is It Worth It All?" - Joe Matthews

"Down And Out World" - Joe Towns

"You Need Me" - Joe Wilson

Today's Joe theme gives me just the excuse I need - not that I normally need an excuse - to dig out a clip by our favourite Joe of all, the Westmeath Bachelor, Mr Joe Dolan

The young lady in that clip is one Kelly Marie. A few years later she swapped the brown polka-dot dress for a jump-suit and came up with this.

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