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Friday 2 September 2011

Esta's Back!

We have had a request from Mano in Maputo for some more hit tunes from Esta M. It has only been two weeks since we last featured Esta and normally I would spread things out a bit more, but as Mano is a man renowned throughout the length and breadth of Mozambique for his sophstication and good taste, I am going to make an exception in this case.

So here are a couple more Joe Shirimani productions from the erstwhile Queen of Tsonga Disco.

"Swikwembu" - Esta M

"Loss Matheka" - Esta M

As I discovered last time I posted Esta, there don't seem to be any clips of her performing on YouTube. So I did some lateral thinking. There is one other feisty female singer whose name begins in E and whose fans have been in touch with me recently to make some imaginative suggestions (some of which, if taken literally, are physically impossible).

It's The Mighty Elk of course!!! Here she is, doing what she does best. With Robert Palmer on handclaps, and lots of men with lots of hair.


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