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Wednesday 14 March 2012


I have just spent 24 hours in Paris, mostly working but I did have an hour spare to visit the fancy shops in Rue Daguerre (and the local Maison d'Oxfam as well). In the first place I went into the assistant tried to engage me in conversation. My French being very poor I just waved my arm around and replied "just looking". "Ah!", she said, "dans tezitete".

It was not a phrase I had heard before and assumed that it was the French equivalent of "just looking". So when I found myself in the same position in the next shop I waved my arm around and said with great confidence "dans tezitete". I was met with incomprehension, as I was again the next time I used the phrase. Eventually it finally dawned on me that what the first shop assistant had actually said, in heavily accented English, was "don't hesitate". Quelle prat!

Anyway, the best bit about the visit was the very enjoyable meal I had with my old friend Jeni, who I have known since she was a slip of a girl, and her husband Christoph. They have lived in Paris for ten years or so now and I only get to see them once a year on average. Today's selection of songs is dedicated to Jeni. And as none of them are spelt the same way I will also dedicate them to my equally marvellous, and correctly spelt, cousin Jenny. Especially this first one, obviously.

"Cousin Jennifer" - Mighty Sparrow

"Poor Jenny" - The Everly Brothers

"Jenny, Miss Genius" - Los Brincos

"Jenny Artichoke" - Kaleidoscope

"Jennifer Juniper" - Donovan

"Jennie" - Richard Thompson

"Cotton Jenny" - Gordon Lightfoot

"Jennifer Eccles" - The Hollies

Jeni, as well as being a wonderful woman in her own right, is also the proud possessor of a 16 year old nephew called Coolio. Really. Named after this one, presumably.

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