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Thursday 7 March 2013

Sonia Songs

If any of our regular readers are called Sonia, this one's for you. You are clearly a popular girl, which may be the root cause of Cocoa Tea's dilemma.

"Sonia" - Robert Wyatt

"Sonia" - Lyle Lovett

"Sonia" - Disco Vietnam

"I Lost My Sonia" - Cocoa Tea

RIP Corner: Alvin Lee died yesterday. To be honest Ten Years After were never really my cup of tea, but I do like this nice piece of country rock. It is on an album called "On The Road To Freedom" by him and one Mylon LeFevre, released in 1973.

"I Can't Take It" - Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre


  1. Hi Ernie,

    Did you mean to link to Kat's Wordpress blog, Keep the Coffee Coming ( in your blogroll? If so, the link is for a Blogspot commercial site about Suzuki vehicles?? ;.))

    Maybe this is what you intended, but I thought I'd let you know.


  2. Hi Enie,
    The new blog url is correct:

    I got unceremoniously tossed from blogspot and would appreciate the url correction.