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Saturday 23 November 2013

Myths and Legends

I promised a brief review of the two gigs by legendary bands that I went to at the beginning of the week. Here they are.

On Monday morning, Mister F got in touch to say he had picked up free tickets to see Mott the Hoople that evening, so off we toddled to the O2 Arena. Had we paid, my view would probably be similar to that of the man from the Guardian. But as we didn't it seems a bit churlish to complain, so let's just say the last half an hour was great and you would have to be a bit of an old misery not to have had a bit of a lump in the throat when they finished off with "Saturday Gigs".

The Kaleidoscope gig the night before, on the other hand, was fantastic from start to finish. Peter Daltrey looked and sounded great, in the Trembling Bells he has found the ideal band to bring his songs to life, and we had the bonus of Ed and Danny from the original line-up joining them on stage for a few numbers. Even the tediously self-regarding support acts could not spoil a perfect night.

From legends to myths. Here are four pop-tastic songs with links to assorted mythical kingdoms.

"The Legend of Xanadu" - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

"Eldorado" - Electric Light Orchestra

"Atlantis" - Donovan

"Give Him A Great Big Kiss" - The Shangri-las

And here's that "Saturday Gigs" moment I mentioned, with thanks to Georlron and the man in front of him with a very emotional hand.

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