Monday, 17 February 2014

They're So Fine

There was a great compilation called "She's So Fine" released last year. Over the course of 95 tracks it charts the early years of girl groups right up the point where the 50 year rule bites and the company who issued it would have to pay copyright. How else could they price it at £8? If you feel guilty, try to console yourself with the knowledge that in all likelihood none of the women responsible for these great sounds have ever seen a royalty cheque in their lives. So you are indirectly sticking it to The Man! Yeah!

Alongside the likes of the Chiffons, Crystals and Marvelettes there are plenty of more obscure acts. Here are a couple of them, both bearing news of exciting new dance styles.

"Pop, Pop, Pop-Pie" - The Sherrys

 "Waddle, Waddle" - The Bracelets

I am not sure who The Sherrys think they are fooling by spelling it "Pop-Pie", but they are clearly influenced by this old favourite.

"Pop-Eye" - Huey "Piano" Smith & The Clowns

As for The Bracelets, they probably weren't the first, and definitely weren't the last, to encourage us to waddle like a duck.

By God, I love that record!

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