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Sunday 6 July 2014

Wedding Songs

Yesterday I went to a friend's wedding in Mottingham, a part of South London I had never heard of before and which - judging by what I saw of it - is unlikely to be requiring a tourist information office any time soon.

It does however have an excellent library, which is selling off unwanted stock at the moment. It had a small but unexpectedly interesting selection of CDs going for 50p each, and I was able to snap up albums by the likes of Baaba Maal, Ismael Lo and Yerba Buena. I also grabbed a couple by acts new to me, which is what you are getting today.

First up is Think Of One, who are from Antwerp but made the album "Camping Shaabi" in Morocco with local musicians. Second up is Doğan Mehmet, Brighton born and bred but of Turkish heritage. His album "Gypsyhead" is billed as "an Anglo-Turkish, Gypsy-Punk style mix". I have not had a chance to listen to either album yet and picked these tracks at random. See what you think.

"Antwaarpse Shaâbi" - Think Of One

"Ozman Aga / Eighteen Months" - Doğan Mehmet

They had a ceilidh at the wedding, which resulted in utter chaos as you could imagine, but makes this an appropriate choice of clip. We'll dedicate it to Katherine and Jonathan - happy life!

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