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Friday 8 August 2014

Mister Jon Him Good

Earlier in the week I had the great pleasure of seeing a joint set by Jon Langford and Robbie Fulks at the tiny 12 Bar Club. It was a warm up night for a mini-tour of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland with (or possibly as) The Mekons, on which they have now embarked.

Most of the audience was there to see Robbie Fulks. Nothing wrong with that, of course - I am a big fan myself and it is over ten years since he last played in London. But there was a small boorish element who I felt showed a lack of respect to Jon Langford, who after all is a bit of a legend in his own way. To redress the balance, here is a small selection of his work under some of his many guises. All but "No Place" got an airing on Tuesday.

(Sometimes I Feel Like) Fletcher Christian” – The Mekons

No Place” – The Three Johns

Walking On Hell’s Roof Looking At The Flowers” – The Waco Brothers

Nashville Radio” – Jon Langford

And before anyone asks, no, he is no relation to this woman, even though both have a penchant for nautical tunes.

He is, however, a proud son of Newport, like these people.

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  1. You are quite right Ernie
    Jon Langford is a hero of mine and he has featured on more than one occasion on CCM and no doubt will again