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Friday 24 October 2014

Lady Rock

I was pootling around on eMusic the other day and came across an excellent compilation called "Girls Gone Rockin'", which has 75 female fronted R 'n B and rock 'n roll tracks from the 1950s or thereabouts. There are some absolute crackers on there. Here is a small selection.

"Ring Ding Dilly" - Big Maybelle

"Black Cadillac" - Joyce Green

"Is There A Man In The House" - Lillian Briggs

"Go Get The Shotgun Grandpa" - Ann Castle

Ann Castle seems to be suffering from a bit of a jealous mind. RIP Alvin.


  1. Of the five tracks Jealous Mind is my favourite. I so wanted Go Get The Shotgun Grandpa to better it but Alvin wins.

  2. Ernie,

    My favourite is Joyce Green's 'Black Cadillac, composed by Joyce and her sister. The musicians on the recording (based on her recollections) were: Tommy Holder (guitar), Teddy Redell (piano), Scotty Kuykendall (bass), Harvey Farley (drums) and Joyce on rhythm guitar.

    Thanks for the introduction to this rockin' tune!