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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Fiesta Fun

Wakey Wakey! What better way to get you out of bed than with some Nicaraguan party pop courtesy of the lovely Las Nenas.

"Y Si Me Gusta" - Las Nenas

"Que Alegre Esta La Fiesta" - Las Nenas

I mentioned in my last post that there were two Yanqui hits of yore that will from now on always remind me of my visit to Nicaragua. The first was "Shake Your Booty", the second is a classic 1980s power ballad. The gent pictured below is Gerson Gonzalez, who drove me from the airport to Leon on the night I arrived.

Gerson took great delight in showing me the various ways in which he had "pimped his ride" - shouting "crazy taxi!" each time he did so - and in singing along with his "greatest power ballads" cassette. After 45 minutes or so I decided that I was not going to beat him, so joined in, and as we drove into Leon we were belting out this deathless dirge.