Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ukulele Ladies

This is for my old friend Mister F, who has an inexplicable weakness for ladies with ukuleles.

"Two Ton Tessie" - Tessie O'Shea

"Pineapple Princess~Blue Muumuu" - Churamana

"Madame Moskovitch" - George Formby

"Ukulele Lady" - Arlo Guthrie


  1. I find myself watching the video of High School Musical 2 you posted, and at the same wondering why on earth I'm doing so.........

  2. I can understand that. I was subjected to it many times while baby-sitting nieces a few years ago and have never quite got over the experience. Consider it a sort of exorcism.

  3. Another Guthrie with a ukulele (NSFW)