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Saturday 20 June 2015

Ululate In The Evening

Who could resist a compilation called "Yodellin' Crazy: 25 Original Country Yodellin' Classics". Not me, for sure. Here are three of the self-same classics for you to yodel along with.

You clearly spell "yodelin'" without a "g", but the question of how many times you use "l" is unresolved. The compilers have gone with two, but I reckon a man called Yodeling Slim Clark probably knows what he is doing so will plump for one. Although Slim does bung a "g" on the end of his epithet, so maybe he is wrong on the big issue as well. Views please.

"Cattle Call" - Eddy Arnold

"I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky" - Slim Whitman

"Take Me Back To Old Montana" - Yodeling Slim Clark

The polymaths among you will have spotted that the title of today's post is a poor attempt at a Paul Simon song title based pun. Specifically, this one.


  1. Ernie, there's not enough songs beginning "the cattle are prowling the coyotes are howling", that's a a brilliant line and a great song. I MUSt have this record. Have you got American Yoedlling 1911-1946? On Trikont. You might very well like it. A lot. And Yodeling Slim Clark, WHAT A SONG!

  2. Didn't recognise the Paul Simon song, but it's also a a belter....but he's no Mungo Jerry, is he?

    1. To be fair to him, George, very few people are. Thanks for the tip-off about the vintage yodeling compilation, sounds like a must-have