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Thursday 2 July 2015

More Heat

As the hot weather continues, so does the hot weather music - who knows when we will get another chance? We have some soca this time. This is for my colleague Nicole or, more accurately, for Nicole's Dad.

"Party People Rock" - Arrow

"Lorraine" - Explainer

"Dat Soca Boat" - Mighty Shadow

"Gimme The Ting" - Lord Kitchener

This is also an opportunity to pay tribute to Val Doonican, who sadly died today. He was a great family favourite when I was little. While of little consolation, at least now he's in Heaven he will finally get to find out whether he won that bet about the angel with the whiskers on.

"Paddy McGinty's Goat" - Val Doonican


  1. A family favourite when I was growing up as well Ernie

  2. Not in our house, I'm afraid. The Explainer track is easily the pick of the bunch today Ernie.