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Sunday 20 December 2015

The Bird Returns

I went to my friend Brandon's 8th birthday party yesterday, where a good time was had by all - after a bit of whining on my part his Mum gave me one of those bouncy rubber balls that flash brightly on impact with the ground, which are far too good to be wasted on children.

Anyway, while at the party I got talking to Joel from Trinidad. As inevitably happens when I meet someone from Trinidad, the conversation eventually turned to calypso. And conversation about calypso inevitably turns to the greatest calypsonian of them all, Mighty Sparrow. It has been a fair while since we featured him. Joel has given me the prompt I needed to put that right.

"Obeah Wedding" - Mighty Sparrow

"Ten To One Is Murder" - Mighty Sparrow

From Sparrow to a bird of a different variety. This song helped me win a pub quiz in Leeds once. If it is the answer, what the question? First correct answer gets a Christmas treat of some sort.


  1. Is the question - "What is the name of the only British number one single to feature a mother and son?"

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you and your blog.

  2. It may well be a question to which "Mouldy Old Dough" would be the answer, but it is not the one we were looking for. The lyrics provide a clue

  3. The only number one to feature the words Mouldy and dough?

  4. What was the first number song to have 3 o's and 3 d's in the title?

  5. Some gallant attempts, but none of them the question we were set that night in Leeds. The question I was looking for is "What is the only number one hit for which the lyrics consist only of the title of the song?". I should say I have no idea if it is true that there are no other examples.