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Saturday 26 March 2016

Tsonga Saturday

We are keeping on with the catching up with the Tsonga CDs I bought last year and had not got round to sharing. This time out we hear from Percy Mfana, with two tracks from his 2012 album "Ni Lo Bebula". I had not come across Percy previously but this was his ninth album. If they are all as good as this I will need to start tracking down his back catalogue. The second track features guest vocals from Sunglen (of Sunglen & Flora fame).

"Ximbyindlimbyindli" - Percy Mfana

"Bahani Nghoma" - Percy Mfana (featuring Sunglen)

 More Percy! This clip appears to be an extended promo for his sixth album, although it was only posted last month so who knows. Settle back for just under twenty minutes of fun, fun, fun.

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