Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Little More Love

I was going to do another RIP post today, but its getting out of hand - Prince, Papa Wemba, Billy Paul and Lonnie Mack in the last week alone. So instead let's try and cheer ourselves up with some Zulu chirpiness courtesy of Mr Lovemore Majaivana.

"Amagwala" - Lovemore Majaivana

"Guga Mzimba" - Lovemore Majaivana

On the subject of love more, I was underwhelmed by the Daily Star's "exclusive" revelation that Prince had a "secret sex dungeon". Of course he did, he's Prince! The existence of his sex dungeon is surely no more of a secret than the identity of the celebrity with the super-injunction.


  1. And Percy Sledge died. Again.

  2. I was hoping for a photo of you next to the giant horse statue. At the very least some Mongolian throat music about a yurt or a song called how nice is my neighbour's yakHmilk?

    1. Patience, George, Patience. We have throat music a-plenty to come. And I will bumg a photo of the giant horse in as well just for you.