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Wednesday 18 May 2016

It's That Time Again

I'm off on my hols tomorrow. Normally on these occasions I delve into the archives to give another spin to tracks that were featured way back in the early days of the blog. But we are breaking with tradition and instead featuring some brand new music (I know, I know, I'm not sure either, but let's give it a go).

I get sent quite a lot of promo tracks. Most of them I never get round to listening to, but I try to find time to check out at least a few. And I've struck lucky recently - there seems to be a lot of good stuff about. Here is a small selection from albums that are either just out or just about to be out, all of which are worth a listen.

"Walk In The Park" - Still Parade (from "Concrete Vision")

"Drapetomania" - Ted C. Fox (from "A Gospel of Dirt")

"Men Without Hats" - The Burning Hell (from "Public Library")

"Kogarashi" - Kikagaku Moyo (from "House in the Tall Grass")

"Querelles Inter-Minables" - Alpha Blondy (from "Positive Energy")

The other tradition when I go on holiday is to sign off with this clip. I do not envisage ever deviating from that tradition.

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