Thursday, 23 June 2016

Memory Lane

Come Saturday morning I'll be tootling off for a week or so. As is sort of traditional on these occasions, here are a selection of tracks we first featured back in 2009, when this blog was taking baby steps.

The first two tracks are particularly appropriate with the weather we have had today. The Fotheringay track is also apt, as I am off to see them - or the surviving members at least - in concert tomorrow. By contrast, I doubt there is ever an appropriate time to play Bobby Hendricks' "sakkie-sakkie" version of "Agadoo". What was I thinking?

"I Like London When It Rains" - Blossom Dearie

"The Thunderer" - Dion

"Gypsy Davey" -  Fotheringay

"Let's Have A Party" - Geraldo Pino

"What You Gawn Do?" - Curtis Mayfield

"Agadoo" - Bobby Hendricks

And where I am tootling off to, you may ask? Well that would be telling, wouldn't it.

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