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Tuesday 19 February 2019

Kids Of Today

Calling this post 'Kids of Today' is a bit misleading. It's true of the Hush Kids - today's track is from their self-titled album released last year - but the Daloms are from the 1980s and the Goldens from the 1960s. Maybe 'Kids Of All Ages' would have been more appropriate.

"Morning Is Made" - Hush Kids

"Nomathemba" - The Dalom Kids

"Tak Dej Se K Nám A Projdem Svět" - Golden Kids

I'm off to Athens tomorrow for a few days' work, but will hopefully have time to visit my favourite second hand record shop in Kolonaki so I can return laden with goodies. Until then, remain united!


  1. What a joyful-sounding song by The Dalom Kids

  2. What's the country of origin of The Golden Kids? Croatia?

  3. Czech Republic (or Czechoslovakia as it was back then)

  4. Hi Ernie
    Met one of the group 15 years ago in the Planet Bar in Corfu where he was running entertainments - nice guy - good stories Peter