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Tuesday 7 May 2019

The Fabulous Fabienne

A real treat for you today. Some fabulous slices of French pop to take you back to the Swinging '60s from the magnificent Fabienne Delsol. A glorious mix (or mélange as the French might say) of ye ye and what, following our earlier request for clarification, the Académie française has confirmed should be called le cadence de caprice.

Not that they actually date from the Swinging '60s. Fabienne, who is properly French but was living in the UK at the time, made a handful of albums for the Damaged Goods label in the 2000s. These top tunes are both from her debut album, 2004's "No Time for Sorrows". 

"When My Mind Is Not Live" - Fabienne Delsol

"Don't Fall In Love With Me" - Fabienne Delsol

Also on the album is Fabienne's cracking cover version of France Gall's "Laisse Tomber Les Filles". But, good as it is, you can't top the original.

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