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Thursday 5 September 2019

Warning: Signs

After last week's selection of songs and artists with signs of the Zodiac in their names, young George kindly sent me an album called "Astrology Songs" by one Harvey Sid Fisher. I promised him that I would feature a couple of tracks, so here goes.

Then let us never speak of this again.

"Sagittarius" - Harvey Sid Fisher

"Aries" - Harvey Sid Fisher

The same post prompted Charity Chic to request something by Leo Sayer. I am delighted to bring you this old favourite. Many years ago a friend and I spent far too long trying to work out where this encounter took place, using the clues in the lyrics - for example, it is somewhere that is 310 miles from Gretna via the M6 and was sufficiently vibrant to have had a Mexican discotheque in the 1970s. After much painstaking research, we concluded it probably happened in Reading.


  1. Harvey Sid and Leo
    You are spoiling us today Ernie or should that read spoiling today?

    1. I suspect it is the latter. But normal service will resume on Saturday

  2. Two top quality songs, Ernie. "I'm a saj" is a gem. And "I am I am I am the ram" is sheer class. DO you think the current Chancellor of the Exchequer sings along to "I am the saj"?

  3. Whoa! Dismiss Harvey Sid Fisher at your peril. I was introduced to him (inevitably I suppose) by John Peel. His best (I'd be prepared to consider duelling over this) and my favourite by a country mile is Capricorn.