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Sunday 16 February 2020

Mellow Manu

Some suitably smooth sounds for a Sunday morning, courtesy of Mr. Big Blow himself, Manu Dibango. If I tell you they're from an album called "Rasta Souvenir", you will be able to guess what style of music he was influenced by at the time of recording.

"Night Jet" - Manu Dibango

"Full Up" - Manu Dibango

Today's clip has nothing at all to do with Mr Dibango, it's here because it makes me happy - especially the man who pops up about 20 seconds in.


  1. Not only a great song but an absolutely tremendous video. Has there ever been so much hair in one music video? (your follicley-challenged read Charity Chic will be envious at the sight of so much hair)

  2. This is sure stirring up some ghosts for me, Big Blow was the dance number at certain time in London, years later playing the 12" at a party at my house you should have seen us white folk go