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Monday 5 October 2020

The Long Goodbye: Part 26

It's the penultimate leg of our EU tour and we're off to sunny Spain. Y Viva Espana! We're taking the Costa Brava plane to El Quarantina etc.

I always enjoy visiting Spain and I have had many memorable nights there over the years, including one that indirectly led to me becoming buddies with Mama Coconut through these very pages. I would link you back to the story that prompted her to get in touch but after searching for it for nearly five whole minutes I gave up.

Instead, on with the show. There are many mountain loads of marvellous music from Spain. Here is a very tiny fraction of it.

"Me Sabe A Humo" - Los Chinquitos

"Señora" - Joan Manuel Serrat

"En Una Habitación Realmente Pequeña" - Los Negativos

"Perlas Ensangrentadas" - Alaska y Dinarama

"Occident (Recepte De Cuina)" - Pau Riba

One of the memorable nights I alluded to occurred about four years ago. My mate Rich and I were visiting bars in the Lavapies district of Madrid when we met the legendary El Rumbero de Vallecas. That's him on the left and Rich on the right.

Former professional singer and multiple winner of Spain's annual John Cooper Clarke lookalike competition, El Rumbero now performs in the bars of Lavapies accompanied by his son on guitar. And very entertaining they are to, as the first of today's videos demonstrates.

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