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Wednesday 25 November 2020

My Man Mamman

I regularly rave about the magnificent Sahel Sounds label, and I'm about to do it again. They do a brilliant job of bringing artists from the Sahel region to the attention of the wider world.

One particularly fine example is Mamman Sani from Niger, who has been making eerie electronic and organ music for well over 40 years. Before Sahel Sounds got involved he had only ever released one album, but they have now released three compilations of recordings he made in the 1980s. All are worth a listen but my favourite is probably "Taaritt", from which today's selections come.

"Ya Bismillah" - Mamman Sani

"Zara Zarakoy" - Mamman Sani   


  1. I've got the 2013 LP 'La Musique Electronique du Niger', which was recorded in 1978. The music is hypnotic, minimal and, quite frankly, not the kind of stuff you'd expect to have come out of late 70's West Africa. Think 'Dignity of Labour' period Human League transposed from Sheffield to Niamey. Remarkable.

    1. Remarkable is the right word.'Taaritt' covers 1985-88, so its his 'Crash' period. I don't know whether Jimmy Jam and the other bloke had any involvement.