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Monday 27 September 2021

Messrs Blue

Since yesterday I have had Bobby Vee's "Mr Blue" stuck in my head and it shows no sign of making any plans to leave. So I thought I should provide it with an outlet. This is it.

Joining The Bobster are Tom Paxton and Laura Nyro and their songs of the same name. They are both pretty good, but Bobby's is best.

All together now: "I'm Mister Blue, when you say you love me..."

"Mr Blue" - Bobby Vee

"Mr Blue" - Tom Paxton

"Mr Blue" - Laura Nyro

What's bluer than Mr Blue? I think you have already guessed the answer to that.


  1. No Bobby Blue Bland? Still, at least you did not opt for Barry Blue "Dancing on a saturday night".

  2. The Delgados do a good version of Mr Blue Sky

  3. Hadn't heard Tom Paxton's Mr Blue in years. First heard it when he played at Aberdeen's Music Hall back in late 1968. Earlier in the day he joined in an anti Vietnam War march through the city centre. A great bloke.

    1. He is indeed. Been lucky enough to see him in concert a few times, never gone marching with him though

  4. Nice combo of songs there. CC is spot on re Delgado's cover. Must say I struggle with Laura Nyro - so many people love her so I concede it must be me!