Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Heavyweight Stuff

A couple of top tines from the great I Roy for you today. Both come from an excellent compilation of his early 1970s material called "Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff". The compilation originally came out in 1997 and is on Blood & Fire and is out of print, but you can download it from eMusic, TaxDodge,com and presumably other sites as well.   

Here are the first and last tracks on the album. Everything in between is well worth a listen as well. "Straight To The Heathen Head" may be my new favourite record in all the world.

"Sidewalk Killer" - I Roy

"Straight To The Heathen Head" - I Roy

I've only been able to find one clip of the great man in action and that is of terrible quality, so in the absence of I Roy here is Roy O instead. 


  1. That bloke yawning in the video, should have been strangled at birth. FFS, it's one of the finest songs in pop music

  2. I was only playing 'Don't Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff' the other day - what a cracking compilation it is. Oh, and I agree completely with George - sacrilege!