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Wednesday 26 January 2022

The Calvin Collection

My local second-hand record shop had one of its occasional 10 CDs for £5 offers going when I popped in  last week, so obviously I came away with 10 CDs. A fair few of them were by acts I had never heard of but you have to take a punt at that price.

One of the unknowns were an outfit called Dub Narcotic Sound System whose 1995 EP "Industrial Breakdown" was nestling in a corner of the cardboard box. Some cursory research revealed that the Dubs (or the Narrotics?) were led by Calvin Johnson, former head honcho of Beat Happening. Here is one from each of his ensembles.  

"Run Silent Run Deep" - Dub Narcotic Sound System

"Sea Hunt" - Beat Happening

It transpires that Calvin was also involved in a band called The Go Team, but not this one (they didn't have the all-important "!").

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