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Wednesday 9 March 2022

Empty Rooms

I had been really looking forward to the weekend just past. Me and my friend Mr F had tickets to see Wyndow (the duo featuring ex-Trembling Bells singer Lavinia Blackwall) on Saturday and the launch for the new Bas Jan album, with support from Yama Warashi,on Monday. 

I have plugged Wyndow and Bas Jan's current albums here previously - click on their names to find them on Bandcamp. Yama Warsahi also has a new album coming out at the end of May. It is called "Crispy Moon" - the moon is a recurring theme in her album titles - and you can pre-order it from Bandcamp (and pick up her back catalogue while you're there). She was a new name to me but I like what I've heard so far.

In an attempt to entice you shell out your hard-earned cash on one or more albums, here is a track from each of their previous albums. These are Bas Jan's "Yes I Jan" and Yama's "Boiled Moon", both from 2018 and, as Wyndow have no earlier album's, Lavinia Blackwall's  2020 solo album "Muggington Lane End".

"Wilderness" - Bas Jan

"Parallelogram" - Yama Warashi

"Troublemakers" - Lavinia Blackwall

Here's some more Yama for you. I disagree strongly will the ill-founded assertions of that Carl Carlton. She is no way a bad mama, Yama, quite the opposite in fact.


  1. Had been looking forward - both postponed!

    1. But both now rearranged, and only a week or so to go until Bas Jan