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Monday 1 May 2023

Newness Abounds

It's May Day today, the mid point of Spring when the buds are sprouting, the sprouts are budding and we celebrate the renewal of life. 

So what better day to share with you some of the new music that the good folks in Promoland have sent me over the last couple of months. It has been a bumper crop, and these are just a few of the albums that you may want to check out.

Just to be contrary we will kick things off with a track from an album you can't actually order yet, the self-titled debut album by Deano & Jo (Dean Schlabowske of the Waco Brothers and Jo Walston of the Meat Purveyors). It's like taking a trip back to the honky tonks. They have a holding page on Bandcamp, so follow them and you will get notified when the album is available. 

Sticking with a country sound we have GracieHorse and her new album "L.A. Shit", due out on 19 May. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp and check out her back catalogue while you are there. The blurb describes this particular track as being "the stuff of Lucinda Williams and old country standards", and you can certainly hear traces of Big Lu in her vocals.

The next couple of tracks come from albums that have already been released. First up is "The Fooler" by Nick Waterhouse, which has a big 1960s feel to the production, followed by Welsh duo Rogue Jones and their album "Dos Beb​é​s".

Rounding things off are our old pals Generationals with their first album in four years, "Heatherhead", due out on Polyvinyl on 2 June. Available for pre-order on Bandcamp, it contains some truly poptastic tunes, as do many of their older releases you can find there. 

"Come On Down" - Deano & Jo

"Hollow Head" - GracieHorse

"Are You Hurting" - Nick Waterhouse

"Off By One" - Rogue Jones

"Death Chasm" - Generationals

The first clip shows what we will all be up to in London's East End today. I believe the second shows a typical Scottish May Day, but perhaps some of our readers from up that way can confirm whether that is the case. 


  1. Our maypole is being erected as I type

  2. I was hooked on that Graciehorse track after about 15 seconds