Friday, 9 June 2023

Post Of The Year

The year is 2023. You probably knew that already. What you couldn't be expected to know is that according to Blogger this is my 2023rd post.

This alignment of year and post will never happen again (at least not unless I reduce my output to one post a year, which some of you may welcome). So I thought I should mark the occasion in some way. 

La Femme released their track in 2013,yet somehow they knew this was going to happen. Even more impressive are I Romans, who as far back as 1970 were able to predict the exact month. Spooky!

"This Year, This Year" - Curtis Mayfield

"This Will Be Our Year" - The Zombies

"6/2023" - I Romans

We have saved the best till last with two superb versions of "Time Has Come Today". I found it hard to choose between them, then realised I didn't need to.


  1. Very clever acknowledgement of an impressive stat.

    1. Thanks. I imagine you are already in the year 2525, possibly later

  2. I'd completely forgotten about the Ramones cover - what a corker it is. Congrats Ernie, here's to the next 2023 posts.