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Monday 25 September 2023

Kids Of Today

Just a quick one for you today. I am off on a work trip to Zagreb at the crack of dawn on Wednesday and have much to do before then.

"Hey People!" was the only album by The Beautiful New Born Children, a side project of German musician Michael Beckett, best known (if known at all) for the records released as kpt.michi.gan and his occasional work with Schneider TM.

Released in 2005, it didn't change the world but made a splendid racket.

In other news, the African Odyssey will return tomorrow.

"Left, Right, Forward" - The Beautiful New Born Children

"OK, Alright, Fine" - The Beautiful New Born Children


  1. Do you work for the UN, by any chance?

    1. Nothing that interesting I'm afraid, although I did spend three weeks in Oman working for one of their agencies about five years ago. It was great fun and you don't pay tax when you work for them. So if anyone from the UN reads this and has any off jobs that need doing, just call.

  2. That was fun! I'm up early this morning but I suspect you're already on your way. I hope you get to enjoy the Zagreb experience outside of the work commitments.

    1. Will do, thanks. Two days work now completed, have a day and a half's sightseeing before heading home