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Friday 24 November 2023

Eno's Everything

Regular readers may recall that a few months ago I suffered a twin technology tragedy when my desktop blew up and the external hard drive that I keep music and photos on got corrupted. 

There was nothing we could do to revive the desktop but thanks to my clever friend Vijay we managed to retrieve everything from the hard drive and I am now slowly rebuilding playlists etc. One of the upsides of the whole process has been rediscovering all sorts of artists and albums that I had completely forgotten about.

This week I have been on the Es (alphabetically not pharmaceutically) and have been utterly baffled by much of what I've found. Ep's Trailer Park? Rachel Eckroth? Egg Hell? Who are these people and where did they come from?

However, by far the biggest surprise was discovering that I have 18 Brian Eno albums when I was under the impression that I had none at all. You would think I would remember when there are that many, but no. They cover the period 1973 to 1997 and include collaborations with the likes of David Byrne, Robert Fripp and Harold Budd as well as solo records. 

I feel honour bound to share some of this Brainy Brian bounty with the rest of you. So here is a small selection from my extensive collection.

"Needles In The Camel's Eye" - Brian Eno

"Third Uncle" - Brian Eno

"King's Lead Hat" - Brian Eno

"Regiment" - Brian Eno & David Byrne

"Healthy Colours III" - Robert Fripp & Brian Eno

This is my last post of the month as I'm off on a dull work trip on Sunday and not back until the end of the week. I am going to pad things out in the hope of keeping you distracted until I return. 

So to go with your Eno here are Geno, Dino, a shooting in Reno and some characters from the Beano. All of them best enjoyed with a nice glass of vino.   


  1. I do like that Byrne / Eno collab. I should probably delve further into the back catalogue, but Nigel Blackwell put me off when he did his own Eno collaboration...

    I know Bono and he knows Ono and she knows Eno’s phone goes thus:
    “Brian’s not at home, he’s at the North Pole
    but if you’d like to leave a weird noise”

    Enjoy the international jet-setting.