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Friday 24 May 2024

Squirrel Invasion

Just a quick one today. I have been away for a few days and have some catching up to do.

I hope shortly to have one of my irregular round-ups of some of the new music that the nice folks in Promoland send me. To tide us over until then today we will focus on just one name that might by new to some you - Squirrel Flower (Ella Williams to her Mum and Dad).

Ms. Flower has just started a North American tour to promote her most recent album "Tomorrow's Fire" which came out on Polyvinyl late last year. She will be following that up with gigs in the UK and Europe and to encourage us all to go along Polyvinyl have shared this video of Squirrel and friends performing Neil Young's epic "Cortez The Killer". It can't compare with the original (nothing can) but it is still pretty splendid.

To go with the video we have a track from each of Squirrel Flower's two preceding albums, "I Was Born Swimming" (2020) and "Planet (i)" (2021). All three albums and much more besides can be found on her Bandcamp page.  

"Street Light Blues" - Squirrel Flower

"Deluge In The South" - Squirrel Flower


  1. Like those.
    Further exploration required.

    1. She's playing Glasgow on 19 July (The Glad Cafe)

    2. Likewise for 17 July in London. If I have a chance to speak to her I'll let her that she will be performing in front of VIPs in Glasgow so needs to be at her best.

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  3. Wow. Really liked that 1st track, the other will require a couple of listens. As for the NY cover though, if that's her nailing her colours to the mast then I'm signing up. She's at the Lexington on 17 July and in Manc the next day - I might struggle to persuade the missus to accompany me but I'll work on that!