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Thursday 21 January 2010


"The Drum" by The Impossibles is a minor gem. It came out in 1991 and I think I must have picked it up in a charity shop shortly afterwards. I can't imagine I bought it new as I don't remember having heard it before then, or ever having heard any more by The Impossibles before or since. I know nothing at all about them.

"The Drum" - The Impossibles

For years I believed it was a cover of a Bongwater song, because of the line "we're nothing yet but Bongwater". And, indeed, Bongwater did a version in 1989 which is obviously where The Impossibles heard it. But I have recently found out that it is actually a Slapp Happy song, first released in 1974 with the inimitable Dagmar Krause on vocals. Here is the original.

"The Drum" - Slapp Happy

I don't have the Bongwater version, but here is a freaky video of it:

And just to prove you can find absolutely anything on YouTube, here are The Impossibles:

On the whole I think I'll stick with The Impossibles.

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