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Tuesday 5 January 2010

Reggae International

Picking up where we left off yesterday here is some more reggae, but not from Jamaica. It's a global music these days, folks.

First up is our old friend from South Africa, Rastaman Nkhushu, with a track from his 2004 album "Ba Ntimile Zolo".

"O No Ba Nnoto" - Rastaman Nkhushu

Next, a mere ten months after I first threatened you with it, we have some Welsh reggae. This track was the somewhat implausible winner in 1990 of "Can I Gymru", a Welsh language song contest held every year on St. David's Day. The lead singer, one Bryn Fon, went on to win it on his own in 1997 with the immortal "Un Funud Fach" - no, me neither - making him a sort of Welsh Johnny Logan I suppose.

"Gwlad Y Rasta Gwyn" - Sobin A'r Smaeliaid

I don't speak Welsh so apart from it obviously being about a rastafarian called Gwyn (or "Ethiopia Gwyn" as Bryn calls him at various points) that's all I can tell you. If there are any Welsh speakers out there who can enlighten us further please do.

Here are Bryn and the gang with their award-winning performance.

Looking at the backing singers I'm guessing they modelled their hairstyles on Bonnie Tyler. So here is the woman herself, teaming up with Shaky for an overdose of Welshness.

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  1. Been hearing a lot of Nkhushu lately and liking it. I'll skip on the Welsh reggae for now.