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Sunday 2 May 2010

General Muzka Part 2

Part Two of our three-part General Muzka special features a couple of tracks from his album "Machangana Na Mavenda". My copy - which is one one of those "two albums in one" CDs - does not say when it came out, but my guess is the early to mid 2000s.

"Machangana Na Mavenda" is another strong album from the General. Most of it is very much in his normal style, including today's first selection, "Squeza" - according to the sleeve notes this track was arranged by Magolide Nyathi, but I am not sufficiently familiar with his work to spot a distinctive Nyathi sound. Today's second selection, "Julieta", is something a little different. It sees the General veering almost into soukous territory. Very nice it is too, and suitably mellow for a Sunday.

"Squeza" - General Muzka

"Julieta" - General Muzka

Here are some more generals:

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