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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Singles Club

I am a bit of old codger and have been collecting music for 35 years. For the first fifteen years or so it was almostly exclusively vinyl with the odd cassette thrown in for luck, and I had a pretty sizeable collection - then, as now, I lacked any self-control when it came to buying music.

Then along came CDs and I got lured away. It was the shininess, I think, that and the fact that it became increasingly difficult to buy affordable turntables, styli and so on. If I had known vinyl would make a comeback in the digital age I would have held on to my collection, but I didn't. Those albums that could be replaced by CDs were, with the result that you can now fit all my LPs into a decent sized cardboard box, even allowing for the fact that I have started restocking since buying a USB turntable.

My singles collection, on the other hand, was a lot smaller but is more intact. And because many of them are obscurities that were not easy to find on CD, it is probably one of the more eclectic parts of my collection (or at least it was before I discovered downloading).

Here is a small selection of my 150 or so singles. Apologies for the quality of some of them. Hopefully there is something for everyone, although in the case of Gerty Molzen it is probably something for nobody. If you like them I'll do it again some time.

"Junior's Groove" - Junior Wells (1966)

"Wallpaper" - Pregnant Insomnia (1967)

"Sticky Jack" - Warm Jets (1978)

"Walk On The Wild Side" - Gerty Molzen (1985)

"These Hands" - Everton Blender (1999)

This is the last post of the week. I am off to Paris tomorrow for a couple of days work followed by a couple of days sightseeing. I had hoped to get myself in the mood with a clip of the Tygers of Pan Tang performing their NWBHM classic "Paris By Air" ("Paris by air/ such a beautiful sight/ nothing can compare/ to Paris by night"). But I can't find one so we will have to settle for this instead:

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