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Wednesday 6 October 2010


I had not intended to post today, but we have had a special request which I am only too pleased to address. One FredrikO - clearly a man of singular taste - has understandably been very taken with the cover of Lord Melody's 1960s album "Mas Is Devil Power", and has asked me to repost the track from that album that was originally featured in August last year.

I'm delighted to do so. To my mind Lord Melody (real name Fitzroy Alexander) was one of the greatest classic calypsonians, second only to his great friend and rival Mighty Sparrow. So, just for old Fred, here are three tracks from "Mas Is Devil Power".

"Bimini Gal" - Lord Melody

"In The Name Of The Law" - Lord Melody

"Tar Baby" - Lord Melody

As a special bonus, here is Sparrow's tribute to the great man, recorded after his untimely death from cancer in 1988. I have to admit I tend to well up a bit when I listen to this, so please excuse any damp patches on the screen.

"Play One For Melo" - Mighty Sparrow

This is the only clip I have been able to find of Melo in action.


  1. Sorry for the earlier post. I found your new one. Thank you kindly for these songs! We calypso fans have a hard time finding these old goodies.

  2. I love Melody, he wrote some of my fav Calypsoes, but I was really disappointed when I discovered that the links don't work. Could reup, I know this LP only by the fantastic mas in hell cover and it doesn't seem to be available anywhere else.
    Keep postin' the goodies! Thanks Calypso Lover

  3. Schmalx

    If you email me at the address in the top right corner I'll send you the links.

    Thanks for listening.