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Sunday 24 October 2010

Sunday Afternoon In Memphis

I have always fancied visiting Memphis, but having listened to these lads I am not so sure any more. It sounds like wall to wall misery.

"Sunday Afternoon In Memphis" - Steve Dixon

"It's Crying Time In Memphis" - Joe Simon

"When Morning Comes To Memphis" - Jerry Jaye

"Meanwhile Back In Memphis" - Johnny Darrell

After that you need a bit of light relief. Here is the redoubtable Mrs Miller with her unique reinterpretation of the Chuck Berry standard.

"Memphis" - Mrs Miller

And here's Chuck showing her how to do it properly.


  1. Fantastic selection.

    Jerry Jaye's song has been an all time fave of mine.

    Here's a possibility when you come to doing your Memphis pt II selection - Tom T Hall's That's How I Got to Memphis


  2. That is an excellent suggestion. I have several versions, of which my favourite is probably Buddy Miller's. Perhaps I should twin it with Tom T's "Nashville is a Groovy Little Town" for a Tennessee special.