Friday, 3 December 2010

Turner Time

To ease you into the weekend, here are some fine soul sounds courtesy of the Turner Brothers from Indianapolis. They released one ultra rare (and ultra good) album in 1974. It went by the name of "Act 1". Sadly it turned out to be a single act play.

Actually I think "ultra rare" might be underplaying the status of the original release. A copy sold in EBay this year for $2125. Fortunately for the rest of us it was re-released by Luv 'N Haight (an offshoot of Ubiquity Records) in 1999. I picked up a copy of that for about £5 in Cape Town earlier in the year. To be honest I think I got the better deal.

The writing credits are shared between three of the six brothers and band members Jimmy Dixon and Rudy Ross. These two were both penned by Calvin Turner.

"Let's Go Fishing" - The Turner Bros.

"Sweetest Thing In The World" - The Turner Bros.

Here's another Turner, with some Bachmans. And an Overdrive.

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