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Thursday 10 February 2011

Adama Fine Musician

After a brief foray into new music and new technology earlier in the week we are back in our comfort zone today. We have pop music from Francophone Africa, brought to you via (one extra click for you, but a lot less hassle for me).

First up is one Adama Namakoro Fomba from Mali, and his album "Walle". I came across this recently on eMusic - which seems for the moment to have become the "go to" place for obscure African pop - and I think it is a bit of a cracker. Here are a couple of selections, starting with some very catchy disco before moving on to something a lot more soulful.

"Africa" - Adama Namakoro Fomba

"Koma" - Adama Namakoro Fomba

Your bonus, found on the same trawl of eMusic, is my favourite track from Chebli Msaidie's very similarly named album "Halle" (strictly speaking, both "Halle" and "Walle" should have a jaunty accent over the "e" but my keyboard doesn't have a gift for languages). I know even less about Chebli than I do about Adama, but according to the only source I could find, which was in Polish, he is from the Comores and he plays an updated version of taarab, a traditional music of the Comores and Zanzibar. I have no way of vouching for any of that, but whatever it is it sounds pretty good to me

"Beramu" - Chebli Msaidie

Slightly to my surprise, I found a clip of Chebli in action promoting this very album. By the time he gets to about 1:30 in I am sure you will join the crowd in shuffling around in a slightly half-hearted way.

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